Where are all the fish

In the last few years i have noticed the fishing has become sparse. Long gone are the days when a fisherman could go down to their favorite fishing hole, throw your line in the water and catch fish like there was a never ending supply.

There are many reasons contributing to the lack of finding good fishing, pollution is a major player, there are too many companies involved to name the guilty parties but many play a large role pumping pollution into the air only to come back down in the form of acid rain, killing not only the plants on our lands but the fish and other water dwelling creatures in our seas. Others outright dump barrels of toxic waste straight into the waters with no regard to the residents that live there and the impact it has on the rest of the world.

We also have to compete with larger predator fish that prey on smaller fish, but many species of birds also rely on fish as a food source, albatross, cormorants, eagles, egrets, gulls, herons, ibises, kingfishers, loons, and pelicans all eat fish as a food source. There are thousands of cormorants and each day a single bird will consume at least a pound or more of fish, This is just an example of one species, there are many more birds that depend on fish for survival. Now that’s serious competition in numbers, While most of us don’t go fishing every day, we still have to compete with these guy’s who work round the clock 365 days a year.

Now days it seems we have to go further and stay longer to make the trip worthwhile, while some of us still can consistently catch our limit more often than not others have a hard time just landing a few. There is no real secret to catching fish but this takes practice and patients, over time you will learn what works and and doesn’t, try different baits and lures, different colors, to become successful just experiment. If your line isn’t in the water you will have a hard time catching anything.

As time goes on we all learn to be more proficient, increase our success rate, and with a little luck only be skunked on rare occasions.

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