Free Fishing Tackle

I have compiled the best list of all the sources for free fishing tackle that i can think of for anyone looking for free fishing tackle.

1. There are quite a few fishing websites that offer contests for free fishing tackle including rods, reels, lures, everything related to fishing all the way up to boats. Thats right from canoes to boats, including $100,000+ speed boats. If you are the lucky type find these contests and enter.

2. I have found full tackle boxes, rods, and reels under just a few feet of water, at docks and boat launches keep your eyes open. I have also found gold rings watches and lots of other goodies at these locations.

3. If you have ever fished where there are a lot of stumps this is an excellent place to find free fishing tackle especially when the water is low.

4. Fishing shows are a great place to get free brand new tackle, some vendors give out samples others will give you a new lure or other piece of equipment if you will write a favorable review of their product.

5. One of my other hobbies is metal detecting in the water and almost every time i find some kind of tackle at swimming beaches, fishermen will try their luck anywhere there is water.

6. There is a small canal in front of my florida home and almost daily i will find a bobber floating past.

7. Although yard sales are not free, they are another place to get fantastic deals on fishing tackle for next to nothing. I just had to mention it.

8. My brother inlaw gets more free stuff than anybody i know, he has had motorcycles, cars, three wheelers, snowmobiles, boats, motors, snow blowers and lots of other great items just given to him free. He is the luckiest person i know, and all he has ever done is ask.

9. place a want ad in your local newspaper, you will surprised how many people will respond to your ad.

10. There is a site called freecycle all you have to do is sign up, join the group near you and post what you are looking for chances are good someone will respond to your post. Read the guidelines before posting.

11. Don’t steal fishing tackle from your friends, you can borrow, or trade, and still remain friends.

I hope you have found the free fishing tackle list helpful, thanks for reading.

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