Fishing tackle

Fishing Tackle for the Beginner

Fishing tackle can really put a dent in your wallet if you are not careful. Sometimes fishermen new to the sport can really go overboard buying too much tackle at once. However being over prepared is much better than being under prepared, like the friend that likes to go fishing whenever you go that owns only a pole and a couple of sinkers and every time you turn around he’s in your tackle box relieving you of your precious tackle.

You will want to stock your tackle box with different size hooks and bobbers, swivels, sinkers, and fishing line just to have the basics of your fishing gear. It is also a good idea to have pliers, a stringer, and even a knife if you wish to clean your catch before you leave the fishin hole. Now that you have the basic items you can start adding more gear like artificial lures, poppers, plugs, spinners and spoons, you can even carry an extra reel just in case of a malfunction with your main reel.

Be Prepared

There are tons of different artificial lures and every fisherman has his or her favorite and most prized. The bait or lure that you use in one particular spot may not work at the next lake or spot you fish so you will want to have as many different lures as you can afford so you will be prepared for any given situation. This being said don’t go raid your friends tackle box or may not be friends much longer!

Now that we have covered the basic fishing tackle items needed for fishing you can start to grow your collection over time, don’t go all out trying to fill your tackle box at one time unless you can afford to do so.

If you have any useful tips that can help beginning anglers please feel free to add them.