List of Must Have Fishing Equipment

The success of a fisherman is greatly determined by the equipment he/she has in their tacklebox. There is an abundance of fishing equipment in the market today but what do you really need? In this article we will cover the standard equipment that every fisherman should carry in their tacklebox regardless of what type of fish you are fishing for.

Fishing Line

Fishing line is one of the most critical components of the fishing sport. Without fishing line, you can’t fish, period. Not having fishing line when fishing is equivalent to having a discus fish tank without water. It just won’t work! However, the fishing line on your reel is not enough. Fishing line gets tangled, frayed, knotted, rotten, etc. All of these issues require you to replace the fishing line at some point. It is critical that you keep a spare reel of fishing line in your tacklebox at all times. This spare line can be used for leaders as well as to replace the line on your reel as needed.


Pliers are another critical component of fishing. Pliers have many uses including removing hooks from fish, attaching swivels and for fixing fishing rod eyelets just to name a few. You must ensure that the pliers are stainless steel so they will not rust. In addition, the pliers must have rubber handle grips so they wont slide out of your hands when your hands are wet.


Fishing hooks are another critical aspect of fishing. Without hooks, you won’t catch fish! Therefore, you want to keep a variety of hooks in your tacklebox at all times. Fishing hooks constantly get snagged on submerged objects and also get lost when your line breaks. Make sure to buy a small variety packs of hooks. Also ensure that your hooks are …

Coarse Fishing Tackle-Sport Fishing Tackle – Lake Fishing Tackle

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Lake Tackle

supplying fishermen with the the most affordable sport …

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Fishing tackle

Fishing Tackle for the Beginner

Fishing tackle can really put a dent in your wallet if you are not careful. Sometimes fishermen new to the sport can really go overboard buying too much tackle at once. However being over prepared is much better than being under prepared, like the friend that likes to go fishing whenever you go that owns only a pole and a couple of sinkers and every time you turn around he’s in your tackle box relieving you of your precious tackle.

You will want to stock your tackle box with different size hooks and bobbers, swivels, sinkers, and fishing line just to have the basics of your fishing gear. It is also a good idea to have pliers, a stringer, and even a knife if you wish to clean your catch before you leave the fishin hole. Now that you have the basic items you can start adding more gear like artificial lures, poppers, plugs, spinners and spoons, you can even carry an extra reel just in case of a malfunction with your main reel.

Be Prepared

There are tons of different artificial lures and every fisherman has his or her favorite and most prized. The bait or lure that you use in one particular spot may not work at the next lake or spot you fish so you will want to have as many different lures as you can afford so you will be prepared for any given situation. This being said don’t go raid your friends tackle box or may not be friends much longer!

Now that we have covered the basic fishing tackle items needed for fishing you can start to grow your collection over time, don’t go all out trying to fill your tackle box at one time unless you can afford …

Fishing Tips

Many fishermen make the common mistake of using line that is too heavy for the type of rod and reel they use, then wonder why they can’t cast very far. The first piece of advice i would give is to match the reel you use with the right line.

Small reels will accept almost any weight line but are actually best suited for light line, don’t go over 6 pound test unless you are using a large reel. Also note that fish have eyes, if you use a heavy line chances are great that the fish will see this line.

The size of your equipment also matters, you don’t need a 7 foot rod if you are fishing for rainbow trout, crappie, or bluegill, but if you are after larger fish like muskie, or salmon that would be the time to consider using a larger rod, reel, and line. The same goes for saltwater fishing, if you are going to be in an environment where there is the possibility that you would a 30 pound or larger fish make sure you have the equipment to match the game you are after.

There are lots of different baits and each fisherman has his or her favorite and most prized, you will want to have a good assortment of lures at the ready, and always test your lures, try different spoons, lures, and even live bait to find out what works. Another thing you can try is two different baits at the same time, a worm on one hook and a minnow on another hook, with this technique you can determine what the fish are hitting on.

You should also make it a point to ask other fishermen what they are catching and what the fish are biting on, most will be …

Where are all the fish

In the last few years i have noticed the fishing has become sparse. Long gone are the days when a fisherman could go down to their favorite fishing hole, throw your line in the water and catch fish like there was a never ending supply.

There are many reasons contributing to the lack of finding good fishing, pollution is a major player, there are too many companies involved to name the guilty parties but many play a large role pumping pollution into the air only to come back down in the form of acid rain, killing not only the plants on our lands but the fish and other water dwelling creatures in our seas. Others outright dump barrels of toxic waste straight into the waters with no regard to the residents that live there and the impact it has on the rest of the world.

We also have to compete with larger predator fish that prey on smaller fish, but many species of birds also rely on fish as a food source, albatross, cormorants, eagles, egrets, gulls, herons, ibises, kingfishers, loons, and pelicans all eat fish as a food source. There are thousands of cormorants and each day a single bird will consume at least a pound or more of fish, This is just an example of one species, there are many more birds that depend on fish for survival. Now that’s serious competition in numbers, While most of us don’t go fishing every day, we still have to compete with these guy’s who work round the clock 365 days a year.

Now days it seems we have to go further and stay longer to make the trip worthwhile, while some of us still can consistently catch our limit more often than not others have a hard time just landing …

Ice Fishing Checklist

Ice fishing season is just around the corner so i have decided to create a comprehensive ice fishing checklist of all the items needed for ice fishing. Some of these items are basic necessities while others are pure luxury, prepare yourself with these items to maximize your fun on the ice.

Always make sure the ice is thick enough before venturing too far at least 4 inches to walk on, 6 inches for atv’s! Ice seldom freezes uniformly. It may be a foot thick in one location and only an inch or two just a few feet away BE CAREFUL! Every year someone loses their life ice fishing, don’t let it happen to you.

Ice fishing checklist

Ice picks__ always keep two ice picks in a convenient pocket in case you fall through the ice, these small items are practically weightless but can be the difference between life and death!

Fishing license and id__ it is cheaper buy a license than to pay the fine if you get caught without one.

Warm clothing__ dress in layers for comfort, if you get too warm excess clothing can be removed easier than wishing you brought another jacket.

Gloves__ bring extra gloves in case your main pair get wet.

Boots__ hat__ thermal underwear__ hand warmers__ battery operated socks__ if your feet get cold easy.

Sunglasses__ eye protection should always be on top of your list for obvious reasons snow blindness is no fun.

Food, drinks__ always bring some sort of food and drinks if you will be on the ice for an extended period hunger may strike and having something to drink is always a must.

Hand towel__ you will definitely get your hands wet more than once while ice fishing so bring a towel be prepared.

Ice fishing rod/reel combo__ bring at …

Bass lures

Bass Lures – the 5 Most Effective Bass Lures You Should Have in Your Tackle Box

Do you want to catch more bass? Here are the five most important bass lures to keep in your tackle box if you want to drastically improve your success rate and catch more bass.

1. The most effective bass lure you should include in your fishing tackle is the good old plastic worm. Plastic worms come in all sizes from 3 inch to the jumbo foot longs and in a multitude of colors. If you want to catch the big bass keep a few dozen different shapes, colors, and sizes in your arsenal. Plastic worms can be used by themselves or as a trailers, you can add weight to it and fish deep or go without the weight and hit the weeds and stumps, any place bass can hide the worm will draw them out.

2. The next type of lure i always stock in my tackle box is the spinner bait, just like the other lures in your tackle box keep different colors on hand, these are very versatile lures you can fish slow or fast, shallow or deep, spinners are flashy eye candy for bass.

3. The bass jig is another piece of fishing tackle i never leave home without, small in size but big on presence when fishing for bass. By it self or with a trailer keep an assortment of these on hand, they are great for fishing around rock piles and ledges and should be in every tackle box.

4. The crankbait has been around as long as i can remember and makes a great addition to the list for catching bass. Crankbaits look like small fish and we all know big fish eat smaller fish, i have a …

Free Fishing Tackle

I have compiled the best list of all the sources for free fishing tackle that i can think of for anyone looking for free fishing tackle.

1. There are quite a few fishing websites that offer contests for free fishing tackle including rods, reels, lures, everything related to fishing all the way up to boats. Thats right from canoes to boats, including $100,000+ speed boats. If you are the lucky type find these contests and enter.

2. I have found full tackle boxes, rods, and reels under just a few feet of water, at docks and boat launches keep your eyes open. I have also found gold rings watches and lots of other goodies at these locations.

3. If you have ever fished where there are a lot of stumps this is an excellent place to find free fishing tackle especially when the water is low.

4. Fishing shows are a great place to get free brand new tackle, some vendors give out samples others will give you a new lure or other piece of equipment if you will write a favorable review of their product.

5. One of my other hobbies is metal detecting in the water and almost every time i find some kind of tackle at swimming beaches, fishermen will try their luck anywhere there is water.

6. There is a small canal in front of my florida home and almost daily i will find a bobber floating past.

7. Although yard sales are not free, they are another place to get fantastic deals on fishing tackle for next to nothing. I just had to mention it.

8. My brother inlaw gets more free stuff than anybody i know, he has had motorcycles, cars, three wheelers, snowmobiles, boats, motors, snow blowers and lots of other great items …

Fishing in Leesburg Florida

The water has been so cold here in lake county florida that these talapia are literally freezing to death, you can scoop em up with a dip net. The ones that are alive don’t even try to avoid the net.

Some call em talapia, some call em nile perch, whatever you want to call em they were easy to catch today. They look a little like bluegill and tast similar. The temp has been around freezing for the last week and this was a nice reward after fishing in the cold for the last few weeks.

This was after removing a 5 gallon bucket full. Not a bad haul for 20 minutes of fun. Afew were over 15 inches.