Bass lures

Bass Lures – the 5 Most Effective Bass Lures You Should Have in Your Tackle Box

Do you want to catch more bass? Here are the five most important bass lures to keep in your tackle box if you want to drastically improve your success rate and catch more bass.

1. The most effective bass lure you should include in your fishing tackle is the good old plastic worm. Plastic worms come in all sizes from 3 inch to the jumbo foot longs and in a multitude of colors. If you want to catch the big bass keep a few dozen different shapes, colors, and sizes in your arsenal. Plastic worms can be used by themselves or as a trailers, you can add weight to it and fish deep or go without the weight and hit the weeds and stumps, any place bass can hide the worm will draw them out.

2. The next type of lure i always stock in my tackle box is the spinner bait, just like the other lures in your tackle box keep different colors on hand, these are very versatile lures you can fish slow or fast, shallow or deep, spinners are flashy eye candy for bass.

3. The bass jig is another piece of fishing tackle i never leave home without, small in size but big on presence when fishing for bass. By it self or with a trailer keep an assortment of these on hand, they are great for fishing around rock piles and ledges and should be in every tackle box.

4. The crankbait has been around as long as i can remember and makes a great addition to the list for catching bass. Crankbaits look like small fish and we all know big fish eat smaller fish, i have a few twenty year old crankbaits that still consistently bring home the bass, bring a few crankbaits on your next bass hunt and you won’t be disappointed.

5. The swimbait is another top choice for bass, having the appearance of a minnow or other small fish swimbaits are just natural bass attractors, highly effective for catching the elusive trophy bass, don’t leave home without at least one.

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