List of Must Have Fishing Equipment

The success of a fisherman is greatly determined by the equipment he/she has in their tacklebox. There is an abundance of fishing equipment in the market today but what do you really need? In this article we will cover the standard equipment that every fisherman should carry in their tacklebox regardless of what type of fish you are fishing for.

Fishing Line

Fishing line is one of the most critical components of the fishing sport. Without fishing line, you can’t fish, period. Not having fishing line when fishing is equivalent to having a discus fish tank without water. It just won’t work! However, the fishing line on your reel is not enough. Fishing line gets tangled, frayed, knotted, rotten, etc. All of these issues require you to replace the fishing line at some point. It is critical that you keep a spare reel of fishing line in your tacklebox at all times. This spare line can be used for leaders as well as to replace the line on your reel as needed.


Pliers are another critical component of fishing. Pliers have many uses including removing hooks from fish, attaching swivels and for fixing fishing rod eyelets just to name a few. You must ensure that the pliers are stainless steel so they will not rust. In addition, the pliers must have rubber handle grips so they wont slide out of your hands when your hands are wet.


Fishing hooks are another critical aspect of fishing. Without hooks, you won’t catch fish! Therefore, you want to keep a variety of hooks in your tacklebox at all times. Fishing hooks constantly get snagged on submerged objects and also get lost when your line breaks. Make sure to buy a small variety packs of hooks. Also ensure that your hooks are …